Tour of Medical Informatics

Packing list

Luckily I’m staying in hotels, so I don’t have to take a tent, sleeping bag and anti-mosquito spray with me. 😉 Besides, I won’t do too many things on my tour: Cycling, doing interviews, writing blog articles, eating and sleeping. Also, my carrier bag is […]


In this jersey I already feel like a winner! (Small side note: The jersey of the leading participant of the Tour de France is called “maillot jaune” and is always yellow. But I didn’t choose the colour yellow for this reason, but because yellow is […]

The outfit has arrived!

Today the long awaited package full of yellow cycling outfits has arrived! I must confess: It all looks very yellow. But it’s so cool to have your own cycling outfit. What I like most is the cycling cap 😁. Here’s a little foretaste, soon I […]

Sponsored cycling outfit

What would a tour be without a suitable outfit? Exclusively for the Tour de Medizininformatik I designed a cycling outfit, which is sponsored by the Bern University of Applied Sciences. Aaaaaaaaaaand this is what it looks like in the 3D configurator 😁: Some of my […]