Tour of Medical Informatics

Contributions in newspapers, radio and television

In the last few days, many events have occured. On Thursday I wrote my last exam for the spring semester 2020, but fortunately the BFH’s press release was not published until then, because soon after I received requests for interviews from local press offices. Now I have given interviews for an article in the newspaper, on the radio and there will even be a small feature on the local television! This is all very exciting and I am very happy that the action is causing so much attention. This brings me closer to my goal of making the medical informatics studies of the BFH known. Hopefully these contributions will also reach those people who are interested in the medical informatics study. 😉

Here are the dates of the press releases:

Le Journal du Jura (newspaper)
Canal 3 (radio)
TeleBielingue (TV)
  • In a short tv report I will show the unique medical informatics laboratory of the BFH!
  • Broadcast: Sunday, 12.07.2020 and Monday 13.07.2020 after 19:00 hourly in german and half-hourly in french
  • On television and on the website

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