Tour of Medical Informatics

Packing list

Luckily I’m staying in hotels, so I don’t have to take a tent, sleeping bag and anti-mosquito spray with me. 😉 Besides, I won’t do too many things on my tour: Cycling, doing interviews, writing blog articles, eating and sleeping. Also, my carrier bag is not too big, so I will limit myself to the most necessary things. Here is everything I will take with me on one photo:

And here is the packing list in written form:


  • Printed interview questions and pen
  • 2 Go Pro’s + 2 tripods, various GoPro mounts
  • Power Bank 10000 mAh
  • Charger
  • Mobile
  • fresh clothes + deodorant


  • small laptop
  • Charging cable


  • Helmet
  • Click shoes
  • jersey + arm warmers + cycling gloves + leg warmers
  • Rain jacket
  • 5 spare socks
  • tool-toolset, 2 spare hoses
  • Hand pump
  • GPS with saved routes
  • Heart rate, speed and cadence sensors
  • Headphones
  • extra mobile phone for live tracking
  • 4 bidons, 2 x 1l, 1 x 760ml, 1 x 600ml
  • Sun cream + sunglasses
  • Perskindol
  • Bicycle lock


  • Isotonic powder (approx. 450g)
  • Recovery Drink 4 x 60g (1 time per day after arrival)
  • 5 Clif Bars (1 motivation boost per day 😤)
  • Plastic bag for sandwiches on the road


  • toothbrush + toothpaste, dental floss
  • Pyjamas


  • Swimming trunks (maybe I still have time at some point to jump into a lake? 😁)
  • A pack of tissues
  • ID + money for food
  • Mouthguard
  • Cable ties

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