Tour of Medical Informatics

Stage 4 Zürich – Trasadingen, SH

Although there were not as many vertical meters to climb today as on Tuesday, Joshua felt that today was the most difficult stage so far. The main aggravating factors were that it rained all day, he had a lot of headwind and definitely felt the kilometres in his legs. After all, he has already covered 600 km on his bike up to and including Wednesday.

On today’s interview program was Jonathan Drewlow, the older brother of Joshua, who is currently working as a medical IT specialist at Spital Thurgau AG. Of course Joshua was very much looking forward to the interview with his brother, because he doesn’t see him too often because of the distance. He was very pleased that Jonathan had prepared himself so well for the interview in advance. During the interview Jonathan could share many good thoughts with him. One thought that remained with Joshua was: “The medical computer scientist is like a mediator between the medical world in the hospital and computer science.”

On the way to Trasadingen, SH, Joshua had to make a detour via Rorschach achieve the planned 200 km today. In Rorschach, he took a lunch break to eat a big plate of spaghetti. (Normally Joshua never had a big break at noon, but instead he would eat his sandwich on the bike… but this time that was not enough). On the way from Rorschach to Trasadingen Joshua had to take several breaks. On the one hand because of the rain, on the other hand because of the tiredness which lingered on Joshua today.

As I had organised the overnight stays for Joshua’s tour-de-medical informatics, I knew that a special overnight stay was on the agenda today: Rüedi’s overnight stays in the WeinFassHotel. We both don’t drink alcohol, but I still liked the idea of spending the night in a barrel, so I met Joshua in Trasadingen.

We spent the evening together, which was very nice, since we hadn’t seen each other for four days and a lot has happened in the meantime. I was able to help Joshua with the preparations for tomorrow, we had dinner together in an Italian restaurant and then spent the night in a double bed in the barrel. At this point we highly want to recommend Rüedi’s overnight stays! The room was comfy and clean, outside there was a nice garden and a playground and we were able to have breakfast extra early in the morning, because Joshua wanted to leave already at 06:00. Besides, the hosts Monika and Andreas had a huge heart for the student cyclist and his pregnant wife. 😉
We were rarely accommodated so warmly, thank you very much!

It was a perfect rest for the last night before the last stage of the Tour-de-Medical Informatics!

Video of the highlights:

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