Tour of Medical Informatics

Stage 2 Martigny – Camischolas (Sedrun)

Today’s stage was the most difficult of the whole Tour de Medizininformatik, because Joshua had to climb about 3’000 meters of altitude (including 2 passes) with his bike.

Pretty soon in the morning, he was able to interview Pierre Alain Schnegg, the Director of Health, Social Affairs and Integration of the Canton of Berne, about medical informatics. Joshua sat down for the interview in a quiet place and conducted the interview via telephone. Immediately after the interview he called me with great enthusiasm: First of all, the interview went well technically, although it was via telephone, Joshua was in the mountains and Mr. Schnegg was on the train. Secondly, Joshua was very enthusiastic about the interview, because the conversation with Mr. Schnegg was very exciting and Mr. Schnegg turned out to be a great supporter of medical informatics. More information about the interview will be given later.

So today’s interview was already done and after that “only” the sporting challenge remained: After the constant climbing and headwind in the valley, Joshua had to climb the Furka Pass and then the Oberalp Pass. Joshua’s father has extra come to the Furka Pass and took super good photos of Joshua during the ascent. And what Joshua didn’t know: At the pass summit four yellow dressed friends and supporters of medical informatics were waiting for him with camera, drone and BFH banner. When Joshua arrived at the top of the pass, he was extremely happy about the surprise! The support of family and friends really helped him to overcome the sporting challenge today.

After the Furkapass he was able to ride down a little bit and then came the Oberalp Pass, which fortunately was not as steep and long as the Furkapass. And then he cycled quickly to the village of Camischolas, because it had become very cool in the meantime and some raindrops had already been registered.

In Camischolas Joshua enjoyed a well-deserved dinner with his father and afterwards he stayed overnight in a small hotel there.

Here are a few of the great photos, which Joshua’s father has taken and also the video that Joshua cut from his second day.

(PS: I know, the luggage Joshua has with him doesn’t look big, but it’s HEAVY! It’s packed with the most necessary things for the cycling and the interviews)

Another short video about the arrival at the Furka Pass can be found on the Facebook und Instagram page of the medical informatics course of the BFH.

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