Tour of Medical Informatics

During my tour through Switzerland, my current position will be shown here on this website. In this way you can cheer me on from your home! 🔥🔥🔥 I would love to receive an SMS from you (for all of you who have my mobile phone number), because I can receive the SMS on my GPS with a happy beep beep. Then I can read it while riding my bycicle🤓. Otherwise I would also be very happy to receive a message via the contact form 😁.

Update: Unfortunately the live tracker does not work very reliable. You always have to look at the top right of the picture to see how many minutes ago the Live Tracker was last updated. For example: “9 minutes ago” means that the Live Tracker was last updated 9 minutes ago. Otherwise it may also help to reload the page. And if it still hasn’t really been updated, you can at least view the route of the day.

You can see in the video below, how the live-tracking will look like:

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