Tour of Medical Informatics

Finally: Take-off!

Hello, everyone,
I’m Naomi, Joshua’s wife, and I’ll be sharing the launch with you.

This morning we had to leave our apartment at 05:30 to take the train to Biel. (Public transport tip: if you put your bike in a bicycle bag, you can take it with you on public transport for free!) On the train Joshua made his last little Power-Nap. At the location of the medical informatics course of the BFH Joshua met with three other supporters of medical informatics. The photographer from the Journal du Jura was there to take some pictures at the starting shot, as well as another member of the medical informatics course of studies. He filmed the whole event with a drone.

At about 07:00 o’clock we started! Four of them together started in their yellow cycling jerseys – it looked really great!
Everything was very exciting and I was nervous that something important would be forgotten in the end. Maybe we will find out during the next days… 😁

Go, go, go!

First destination: Solothurn, to conduct the first interview with the Alumni Aline Zaugg.

On the Facebook and Instagram page of the BFH’s medical informatics course you can watch a short video, which was cut together from the drone recordings, at the start of the tour-de-medical informatics. It is super cool! (Unfortunately the file is too big to upload it here, otherwise the video would be shown here as well.)

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